4 Event Production Technologies Your Company Should Be Using

Most marketers know the value an event can bring to a business. It is widely regarded as an effective marketing technique. The importance of event marketing, however, may be even greater than you realized. In fact, 67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing the most effective strategy in terms of marketing. These marketers are no doubt part of the 79% of companies that rank events as important to their business.


Now that it’s clear you should be paying attention to event marketing, how do pull off a successful event that stands out in consumers’ minds? The answer lies in a creatively produced event. After all, 81% of brand marketers say being creative is what they enjoy the most about the industry. To boost your event creativity and gain as much business value from your event as possible, consider utilizing the following four event production technologies:


stock-video-footageVideo: Video is more affordable than ever to commission in today’s market, and it’s an easy way to spice up any event. Good videos stick to a simple core message that is easy for viewers to follow and do not include too much information. An example of one of the most valuable types of video to have an event is a testimonial, which shows event attendees that you have credibility.

Widescreen video blending: Widescreen video blending is a more recent event technology trend that has shown enormous potential. The technology involves projecting multiple pieces of media—such as animations, videos, and live images—onto a large, wide backdrop. One possible use for this would be the ability to project both presentation slides and a promotional video simultaneously, or the ability to zoom in on individual photos.


Prezi: Prezi is essentially the grown up, more sophisticated version of PowerPoint. Gone are the days of linear presentations with basic text and graphics. Prezi is a flexible platform that encourages creativity with its seemingly limitless format options, and its zooming user interface allows presenters to tell a story by smoothly navigating from topic to topic.

Twitter feed displays: Displaying an event Twitter feed is an extremely simple way to keep attendees engaged throughout the entirety of an event. There are multiple tools one can choose from to execute a Twitter feed display, and they range from completely free to more advanced paid options. Features such as analytics and profanity filters make using this technology both easy and valuable. For more information on Twitter display tools, click here.


Have you used any of these event production technologies? Did you find that they improved your event?