The Best and Worst of B2B Marketing Channels

While some marketing tactics, such as telemarketing, can be beneficial to both B2B and B2C companies, other marketing channels are most effective with one or the other. Based on studies conducted by MarketingSherpa,, Software Advice, and Everything Technology Marketing, the following are three consistently effective B2B marketing channels, as well as two consistently ineffective channels.


3 Channel EffectivenessCompany website

Throughout the studies, the importance of a well-designed and well-managed company website was consistent. Your company’s website is often the first or second impression of your brand seen by a consumer, so possessing a superior website is crucial. Additionally, if your website is of superior design, it will be easier for potential customers to progress through the purchasing process, thus making leads more attainable.


Whether in person or online, events are an excellent way for your company to gain credibility and spread awareness. For example, webinars—a form of content marketing—provide useful information to consumers and help establish your firm as a thought leader within your industry. Events (and content marketing in general) are an essential B2B marketing channel because firms that are looking to work with other businesses typically want to work with the industry’s best.

Email marketing

While B2C companies have had a large amount of success with social media, statistics point strongly toward email marketing for B2B marketing. 75% of adults list email as their preferred marketing method, and 94% of Internet users make use of email as compared to social media’s 61%. In addition, the rise of mobile has been hugely beneficial to email marketing, as email is the number one activity on mobile devices. Overall, email marketing is undeniably more effective; email customers are 11% more valuable than average, while Facebook and Twitter customers are average and below average.



03-channel-qualityTelevision advertising

In a study done in August of 2013 by the Association of Business Information and Media Companies, television advertising was ranked as the least successful platform for B2B marketing. Only 17% of marketers found it useful for spreading awareness and a lowly 14% of marketers found it useful in obtaining leads. To put it simply, B2B companies do not look to the TV when searching for new business partners

Online display advertising

According to Solve Media, you are more likely to birth twins, survive a plane crash, climb Mount Everest, or complete Navy SEAL training than click on a banner ad. This statistic embodies the ineffectiveness of online display advertising. In today’s day and age, the majority of Internet users do not even see online display advertisements because ignoring them is second nature. Thus, it is unsurprising that the average click through rate of online display ads is a minuscule 0.1%.


Do you agree or disagree with the best and worst of B2B marketing channels listed above? Has your company used any of them successfully?