If you were asked to name the difference between Facebook fan pages and LinkedIn company pages, you would likely cite LinkedIn’s more professional atmosphere as the main point of contrast. To the untrained eye, the two social networks’ pages for businesses are fairly similar otherwise. When looking at the two options from a marketing perspective, however, LinkedIn has four useful features on its company pages that are absent from Facebook fan pages.

1. Product recommendations: Customer reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than company descriptions of products or services. Thus, a positive recommendation can be a valuable tool for building your company’s credibility. LinkedIn makes getting recommendations from consumers easier than any other social network by letting consumers post their recommendations directly to a company’s Products and Services page. These recommendations are not only great for consumers trying to make smart decisions, but also for companies looking to get some outside positive reinforcement.

2. People Also Viewed sidebar section: Not exactly sure who your main competitors are? LinkedIn has an answer for you in the People Also Viewed section of a company page’s sidebar. This section of the page displays other company pages your viewers have been visiting, thus revealing your competitors in the eyes of consumers. While competitors found here may be obvious for some companies, businesses competing in several industries may find the information helpful.

3. Showcase pages: If you are the type of company mentioned above that competes in several different industries with multiple products, you may have already found the Products and Services section on your LinkedIn company page to be quite limiting. Luckily, LinkedIn debuted the new Showcase pages feature in November of 2013. With the update, a company can now create up to 10 subpages; these Showcase pages are intended to highlight a specific product or service offered by the company. If you feel that Showcase pages are unnecessary to describe effectively your company and what it offers, there is a less intense way to personalize the Products and Services page. You can create multiple versions of the page with the purpose of targeting specific audiences; if you feel that different audiences care about different products, you can emphasize a specific product on a version of the page targeted toward the corresponding audience.

4. Rotating spotlight module: LinkedIn’s rotating spotlight module is like Facebook’s cover photo, but with more versatility and style. Using the spotlight module, you can upload three images that market and showcase your company, and the images will rotate on your Products and Services page display. As an added bonus, you can also direct users to other company resources—such as a company website or blog—by adding URLs to the images. When viewers click on the images, they are linked to the URLs listed.

Do you think these unique features on LinkedIn company pages are useful? Are there other helpful features unique to LinkedIn company pages that are not listed above?