Blue Wave CEO John Moran to Speak at Ayantek’s “SMACdown” Event at FutureM in Boston, Thursday October 17


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October 2, 2013

Blue Wave CEO John Moran to Speak at Ayantek’s “SMACdown” Event at FutureM in Boston, Thursday October 17


Be sure to attend this year’s FutureM event in Boston October 16, 17 & 18th at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, sponsored by Ayantek, Blue Wave Marketing’s digital media partner. Digital technology and media are colliding with new industries and ideas to create exciting innovations for business. In the future, a new generation of customer experiences will draw inspiration from these intersections. FutureM brings together the visionaries and disruptors fueling this shift to explore how these converging worlds will reshape the modern marketing landscape. Ayantek will be an “illuminator” level sponsor at the FutureM Conference. Learn more at:




Are you ready for the SMACdown?

The battleground for customer engagement is taking place across all of the digital marketing channels. Ayantek’s SMACdown event at FutureM is a head-to-head bout between two teams of Boston’s finest marketing and technology gurus, as they brainstorm real-time solutions to real problems submitted by real businesses.


What is the SMAC stack?

There’s a new wave of technology and computing that we believe offers revolutionary opportunities for organizations to drive custom engagement, innovation and business productivity. This new wave is what Ayantek is calling the SMAC stack and it encompasses the combined use of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies. Our belief is that organizations who conceptualize these four technologies together as a “stack” will have access to exponential growth opportunities not unlike those seen by early adopters in the PC and internet revolutions.


More about the SMACdown:


The SMAC Panels 

Two teams will be assembled from leaders within Boston’s vibrant marketing and IT community. These teams will get an opportunity to flex their creative muscles as they battle the clock and a rival team, to deliver winning solutions to real-life business problems. The panel participants/speakers are:

  • Steffan Berelowitz, Founder & CEO, Bluetrain Mobile
  • Brett Borgeson, Assistant Vice President, Practice Development, Ayantek
  • John Moran, Founder & CEO, Blue Wave Marketing 
  • Dan Flanagan, Vice President of Products, Percussion Software
  • Jan Rimmel, Multi-Channel Marketing Consultant, Market Leaders
  • Praveen Ramanthan, President & CEO, Ayantek
The Business Challenges 

In the months leading up to the SMACdown, regional businesses were contacted to identify real life business situations where innovative SMAC stack thinking might provide significant opportunities for success. These businesses competed to win tickets to FutureM and to become finalists featured at the SMACdown event.  The business challenge finalists that will be featured at the SMACdown event are: BJ’s Wholesale Club and iRobot.


The SMACdown at FutureM 

The SMACdown is going to be a fun and fast-paced event where panelists’ knowledge of the digital marketing landscape will be put to the test. Each panelist will get the opportunity to represent their team in answering questions and presenting solutions to challenges that are being faced by business leaders today. The event will culminate in a head to head challenge in which the teams are set loose on some of the pre-vetted business challenges from BJ’s Wholesale Club and iRobot, and will present their solutions to the FutureM Audience. The crowd will then be the final decider on which team has presented the best solution using all of the tools that are creating the future of marketing.


To learn more about the FutureM event, SMACdown, or to register for the event, visit: 


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