5 reasons your business might consider deleting its Facebook

1. From CEO to its privacy policy and terms of service, Facebook cannot be trusted.

From its inception, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has practiced unethical behaviors most famously resulting in a 65 million dollar settlement over accusations of intellectual property theft, in addition to a myriad of others concerning, although unproven, accusations of competitor hacking. Facebook even encourages Hackathons, offering cash rewards for the most skilled hacker or whoever can identify a flaw in their programing. Most recently, is a case in which Mark Zuckerberg’s personal account was hacked by a Palestinian IT specialist. Fortunately, in this case the crime belonged to a white hacker with no destructive intentions aside from perhaps embarrassing and alerting Facebook to one of their programing failures.

 So the question must be asked, do you want your business affiliated with an unethical company?


2. The Ads aren’t worth your money

            The ROI for Facebook ads is grossly insufficient for smaller business. At a rate beginning at $50/day, measured on a click-by-click basis, the return is never fulfilled as the ads reach out to the already established fan base but fail to increase expansion.

 “For about $75 per post, you can expect to reach close to all of your followers. This may fly for larger brands Most blogs don’t even make $50 a day, and many don’t make that in a month. Small companies will likely never make back what they spend on promoted Facebook posts.”

 3.Your kids have a better Chance of getting into an IV league school than getting on a news feed.

            Relying on the more organic news feed pop up is statistically equivalent to winning the daily 4, and that its “30X easier to get into Harvard than it is to get into the Facebook News Feed. The average Facebook News Feed acceptance rate is 0.2% according to the latest available data”

So for the amount of time spent updating and posting, an insignificant amount of people actually view your content. With a small budget and finite amount of time is it really worth it for your business?

 4. People hate to read and Edgerank knows it!

            As unlikely as it is to get a post to show up on a followers news feed it is even more unlikely to get an article to appear! The news feed is image dominated, and in a world of square formatting and short attention spans the lengthy blog is dead. The news feed likes photos and micro blogs, but any embedded links are likely to fall by the wayside.

 5. Look at who is using Facebook, is it right for your business?

            Are you a B2B brand or a B2C Brand? This can largely impact your success on Facebook. I can guarantee Proctor & Gamble are not perusing Facebook for the best deal on paper. For B2B companies’ Facebook is a waste of time, you will not reach your market, and you will not develop meaningful relationships with partners.

            Even if you are a small B2C brand desperate to build your reputation without investing thousands in advertising, Facebook more often that not is detrimental to that endeavor, social media is only useful when it is social! Nothing is more unprofessional than a company with thousands of followers that posts no media updates or fails to interact with its consumers. Facebook is too easy to forget about, and too easy to let fall by the wayside when more pressing matters present themselves, and when starting a small business there are many.