Croking – The Social Network for Brands

By: Brianna Andre

In this world of countless social media networks people find ways to connect with others, share their ideas and “like” products and places all over the web. For this, most would first and foremost think of Facebook and Twitter as I would myself. But just the other day, a new online network for sharing and talking about brands was brought to my attention. This new online network is called Croking.

Croking is a brand new social media network which took off just over a week ago on August 5, 2013. If you’ve heard of the social network Klout, it can be compared to that except in terms of branding. This social community lets you voice your opinion to any business in a fast and simple way.

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about using yet another social media site similar to Facebook and Twitter but Croking is strictly brand oriented. It allows you to make a post about any given brand, positive or negative, and view what other people have to say about that brand business.

In addition to creating your own opinionated posts about a brand, you can add to any already existing discussion by commenting on posts already made. By agreeing or disagreeing with members of the Croking community, and by sharing your “crokes” with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers helps build your image as a business leader.

If you’re looking to jump-start your consumer-centric innovation where you can identify and fulfill the most urgent needs to your end-users you should consider using Croking. Not only can it benefit your business with positive feedback from consumers but it can benefit yourself as a leader. The more valuable your feedback is, the more valuable you as an individual become in this online social community.

When voicing your opinion to these brands you can also add a mood to fit your post. This is yet another way Croking is making it quicker to notify brands of your opinion. Croking is probably the best web application for consumer feedback to date. I hope it catches on, as everything else online for brands seems lacking compared to it. Besides, where else on the web can you tell 10 brands in 1 minute what you think of them?