Blogging – Big for Business

By: Brianna Andre

It seems like almost every company nowadays especially in the marketing field has their own company blog because having a web presence is merely not enough. You may be thinking, what’s the point of that? When I think of blogs I think of people who blog for fun, about their personal interests. Blogging for business though is one easy way that can help your business grow and gain “fans.” It is a simple and effective way to deliver what your customers are after. It allows you to attract new customers, build brand awareness, and inspire more prospects to do business with you.

Along with other forms of social media, using a blog for your business is crucial for helping your business grow. In fact, statistics show that 61% of online shoppers have made purchases based on recommendations from blogs and 80% of online consumers trust the information they read on online blogs as do I.

It’s not just about pumping out articles. It requires proper planning if you want your company’s blog to actually yield results. A businesses blog is an indirect way to promote the company and it is an online place where you can share your expertise and knowledge in the designated work field.

Not only does a blog generate more views for a company, it has the potential to engage the audience in the topic being discusses and gravitate towards the brand introducing the topic. The more you discuss the importance of what your brand or company does in your blog, the more significant it will seem to the viewer.

A blog for business is meant to highlight what the company does and deliver the information in a different way online than what the audience is used to. Let’s put it this way, it’s a more “fun” way of explaining what your company does, or what your brand stands for. If viewers like what you have to say about your business they will become frequent readers adding to increasing the company’s overall popularity and online traffic.