Monthly Archives: August 2013

August 23

Controversial exposure: Still good exposure?

By Francesca Prach Is any form of exposure, good or bad, really good? We all know that controversy sells and makes an interesting and popular story for audiences to read and engage in, but could the wrong exposure ruin the company? Rolling Stone Magazine has been in the news for years for publishing and exposing […]

August 22

Twitter Breaks News, T.V. Covers It

By Brianna Andre With various news stories that have erupted this summer pertaining to celebrities, politics, world news etc. I have noticed nine times out of ten I’m first introduced to the news from the social networks I am constantly checking such as Twitter and  Facebook. This brought to my attention that these networks I am […]

August 15

Croking – The Social Network for Brands

By: Brianna Andre In this world of countless social media networks people find ways to connect with others, share their ideas and “like” products and places all over the web. For this, most would first and foremost think of Facebook and Twitter as I would myself. But just the other day, a new online network […]

August 06

Vacationing from Social Media

By Francesca Prach Online users, addicts and professionals are suffering from social media overload from sites like Facebook and Twitter. The majority of Internet gurus are searching and in some serious need for a break in social media activity. A study by reveals data of online users becoming overwhelmed by the increasing number of […]

August 01

Blogging – Big for Business

By: Brianna Andre It seems like almost every company nowadays especially in the marketing field has their own company blog because having a web presence is merely not enough. You may be thinking, what’s the point of that? When I think of blogs I think of people who blog for fun, about their personal interests. […]