July 29

Social Medias biggest secret…SlideShare?

Gaining recognition as B2B social media’s biggest secret, SlideShare has come to light as a leading innovation within the marketing industry. Voted amongst the world’s top 10 tools for education and eLearning, SlideShare generates over 3 billion views monthly and has become a powerhouse that is now recognized as the world’s largest community for sharing presentations.

With well over 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views, SlideShare has done more than just provide a platform for content sharing; it has served as a game changer for B2B Marketing.

What is SlideShare?

In todays fast paced world, finding a way to reach consumers quickly and consistently has been a work in progress that continues to change as new trends emerge. With astronomical numbers of Web 2.0 content and traffic, it has become very easy for business sites to be quickly passed over as consumers continue to filter through piles of information that can be found in simple searches.

SlideShare has become recognized as the best way to get your presentations/information on the web so ideas can be shared by a widespread and diverse audience. By using SlideShare, everyone from teachers to content managers can upload presentations that can not only be shared and viewed by millions of consumers, but also can be embedded easily through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. SlideShare does an amazing job attracting a large professional audience and serves as an easy content medium for busy executives.

If used correctly, this tool can provide quick and focused overviews of key points/trends that has the ability to reach thousands, if not millions of audiences. While using this new sharing platform, keep in mind these few ways SlideShare can immensely improve your B2B Content Marketing:

1.    Reach of rapidly growing professional audience

  • SlideShare has become the world largest presentation sharing community in the world and has been named the 128th most visited site globally. With thousands of new users joining daily, the opportunity to reach consumers is endless.

2. Ease of use and reuse of content.

  • SlideShare makes it easy to not only share content but also to reuse existing slide decks and circulate them throughout the web numerous times. Articles, interviews and other information can be quickly edited to new formats as slide decks. Content can be easily updated at any time.

 3. Showcase Content and Creativity

  • Using this platform, companies have an easy way to demonstrate creativity and thought leadership with the use of professional slide decks. SlideShare allows for a great deal of originality including embedding audio/mp3 files to each deck.