Facebook popularity on the decline?

By Francesca Prach

Facebook is still the leading social media sharing site with active users over 1.11 billion in 212 countries, however in their annual 10K report, it was reported that their users are on a decline, the majority of the demographics being teenagers.

As many more new and visual social media sites emerge on the market, many are making the switch to post and share content on other platforms to expand and be social on. Facebook has been around for almost a decade now and had reached its most popular peak at the end of 2012. With Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat following in the footsteps of popularity behind Facebook, they now have more competition to worry about.

Reports from The Guardian in April state that, “In the last month, the world’s largest social network has lost 6m US visitors, a 4% fall, according to analysis firm SocialBakers. In the UK, 1.4m fewer users checked in last month, a fall of 4.5%. The declines are sustained. In the last six months, Facebook has lost nearly 9m monthly visitors in the US and 2m in the UK”.  The boredom factor is coming into play and could steer Facebook in the same path as MySpace- out of social media desire and existence.

According to DailyMail.com, “Teenagers are turning to sites like Tumblr and apps like Snapchat and Instagram as their preferred methods of communication. It just seems more intimate and its not really a place of bragging, but more of a place of sharing,” says 15-year-old Collin Wisniewski to The Verge.

Apps such as Snapchat and other image sharing sites give the option to younger users who do not like the idea of their images existing forever and tagged on Facebook a shorter lasting content exposure and ‘lifeline’ for an image to exist.

However, Facebook will still stay the forerunner on social media since they do own one of the most popular apps today, Instagram.