“YouTube for Business” – Will Your Company Jump on the Bandwagon?

On the crowded morning commute to work I notice many people have ditched their daily newspapers for YouTube among other news sources on their smart phones. In addition to this, at the office or any work environment if something goes wrong oftentimes the solution can be found in a “how-to” video on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind the powerful Google itself, so there is no doubt that companies trying to promote their brand or image, need a presence there.

Most companies create their own YouTube “channel” for their brand that reflects what it stands for while engaging the audience. Within this channel they post recordings of presentations and speakers within the company to help promote their brand and message.

YouTube isn’t just an online place for people to share videos they find humorous as some people may know it as. In the business world, YouTube is a highly effective business tool in which companies showcase their expertise, share knowledge, and market their products while connecting with colleagues, prospects and customers. This can be shown through the numerous kinds of videos a company can produce to best demonstrate their brand. There are videos that serve as advertisements, product demos, “how-to” videos, and entertainment videos to connect with your target audience.

Once the videos are out there a commitment needs to be made to investing energy into promoting the videos or they won’t work to their greatest potential. This includes sharing the videos via Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks to increase visibility for the company and videos.

This leads us to the conclusion that online video can no longer be ignored. It’s popping up everywhere thus companies get the feeling of having to get involved and are jumping on the “YouTube for business” bandwagon.