Another Day, Another Short Video Messaging Service

As we know, social media has come a long way. It is not only something used by most people, but businesses have caught on to the trend and have begun using social media to  help promote their company, brand, etc. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are the most commonly used social media networks and this world does not need yet another one to grow and become accustomed to like we did with those. However, something has been introduced into the video media world. “Keek,” a social network that was introduced in 2011 has recently become more popular despite the apps and networks just like it already in the media. it’s available online or on mobile devices via the Keek app.

What you’re probably thinking is, what could this social media network have that the others don’t already have? To gain a greater understanding of what this network actually is, it’s helpful to know that Keek has also been referred to as “Twitter for video,” “Instagram for video,” or the “micro version of YouTube” because it allows for longer segments up to 36 seconds long, less polished, faster and more reactive than the video apps already out there.

We all know that person, or even few people whom are technology challenged. Knowing this, when a new form of social media is introduced such as Keek, those people are not thrilled to try it like others may be. Keek however, claims they “keep it simple” to grow a larger audience. It also raises the question as to which one of these video for mobile device apps will be most successful if they’re nearly the same thing with only slightly different functions?

Keek is being described as the video version of Instagram however, Instagram recently released a video sharing option for users…so what now? Why must there be so many various forms of video apps that are essentially slightly different versions of the other? And most importantly, why use Keek? Why not Vine? Or YouTube? In addition to longer segments, Keek does not allow for editing, gimmicks, or filter tools it makes it much easier for video sharing which is the purpose of all three of these mobile apps.

Social video is that next “big thing” on the social media scene right now. It emphasizes the importance video plays in our lives, not just with smartphone users but with brands and businesses as well. These apps can be used to their advantage for promotional purposessince these apps seem to captivate their audience and people are preferring video media apps over those involving solely images or text.