Would You Make The Video Switch?

By Francesca Prach

Pictures, or it didn’t happen. Instagram, the 2012 breakthrough App put out for Smartphone’s and tablets for creating, editing and sharing photo content has created and released on June 20th, 2013 a video option for account users.

But is this new App feature too similar to Vine? Tec Crunch released an article about the Apps special addition stating that, “Specifically, it looks like a direct response to the rising popularity of video-sharing services, namely Twitter’s Vine. It, and others like Viddy, Cinemagram and Socialcam, sometimes get described as “Instragram for video” apps”.

Twitter in the past month has developed and released an Andriod version of Vine and Marketingland studies since reveals that shares of Vines “surpassed those of Instagram photos on Twitter — usage that has only diverged even more since then”.

Reasons Instagram added video: marketing. It is a very popular and eye-catching medium for advertisers and companies to be discovered due to the applications already 100 million plus active subscribers.

If a personal account or company has been active on Instagram for about a year or already has a large following, their video following, sharing and discovery will spread faster than a new start up following base on a separate application such as Vine.

Mixed emotions? The response from professionals along with interested and skeptic dedicated Instagramers believe that this will be a great addition to the already successful picture sharing application, however, many also believe that if their set up for the video is not simple and easy compared to Vine, their launch and attempt will fail, possibly effecting the Apps love and popularity as a whole. Others are asking if App world is ready to handle another video application along with the recently emerging popularity of Vine and its competitors. If the rumors are true, will active users on the other apps switch over or are they already brand loyal? Sources believe that, “the more than 100 million monthly Instagram users may welcome the option to combine two apps into one, giving the rumored video app a push out the door”.

Without question video is the top emerging medium for social media sites of the year and set up for content sharing, branding and recognition for the future creating an explosion of want and need for the top companies to produced and utilize it to end up number one.