LevelUp, The Electronic Coupon

In today’s culture, paper coupons are something that are becoming increasingly more obsolete. Between emerging technologies and mobile apps pertaining to almost anything you could possibly think of, less people are carrying around coupons like they used to; but what’s taking its place? LevelUp, an app coming from a Boston-based mobile payment startup is one that is helping to increase customers for participating businesses by acting as a coupon allowing for all sorts of discounts and savings.

How the app works is simple. Users of the app link it with their credit or debit card by entering the necessary information. The app generates a unique QR code which is scanned using another iPhone at participating locations.

Although once customers use a coupon they usually don’t return, that is not the case with LevelUp. Statistics have shown in such cities as Philadelphia and Boston, people who used LevelUp returned to that particular place in less than a month having 100,000 users in these cities. Not only are customers pleased to know they’re saving money with using this app, LevelUp’s easy form of use makes it attractive to all iPhone users.

The app also builds in an incentive for you to return to that business. As its name suggests, customers “level up” when they make purchases, letting them open greater deals as they return to a location time and time again. This is a great marketing tactic for these businesses and is an easy way to increase their sales and it has.

Unlike a coupon that gets discarded, lost etc., LevelUp is a constant reminder to customers that they have discounts to use. This works because in this day in age people never leave home without their phone. I personally have left coupons behind so many times that they never get used and I never end up returning to that designated place.

As if these facets weren’t enough to lure in its users, the app also includes game-like features such as scavenger hunts through parks, museums and businesses. This makes it unique from other coupon-like apps out there.