How vital are videos for a company and brand image?

By Francesca Prach

In today’s ever changing society, from the impact of new and popular emerging social sites to those that have already reached their peak and start to fizzle out of the media marketing industry, companies need to be one of the first to discover, utilize and master the art and skill of all social media platforms.

Written content is being skimmed over in search for images and videos to tell the story and display the information the user is looking for. With new apps for Smartphone’s and other technology being created for that user experience, picture and video content are becoming revolutionary.

Vine, a social media video app acquired and released by Twitter in late January 2013, allows users to record and capture 6 seconds of video content either continuous or stitched together to stream repeatedly setting this app apart from the competition coining it to be “the best way to see and share life in motion.”

According to RJMetrics, The app was used by 2.8 percent of the site’s highly active users within the first month sky rocketing past other competitor video apps Viddy and 0.5% and SocialCam at 0.2% of active users. Statistics in April announced Vine ranked as the top free iPhone app in the United States compatible for Apple products.

But why should your company jump on the bandwagon and operate media marketing on Vine?

First you must consider the size of your company; does the content you produce using short media clips positively engage your market, and will it reach your target audience and brand consumers? Some consider it to be a quick and creative branding story. Large scale companies such as Ritz Crackers, Trident Gum and Dove (to name a few) are providing an opportunity for other businesses and consumers to connect on a personal level. Luxury and Fashion Brands such as Urban Outfitters and Michael Kors even tapped into the latest phenomenon of video branding.

By joining forces with Twitter, also one of the top applications downloaded on ITunes and another one of the fastest grown social media websites out there, live posts and feeds from the vine account are automatically posted to the Twitter handle and now Facebook accounts when linked with the video app.

SEO for your company can also increase by adding a specific and appropriate hashtags to the video. This increases the visiting traffic on both social platform accounts when interest is sparked and the link is clicked; ultimately generating leads and awareness of what you do in a fun and eye catching way- which is short, simple and to the point in a 6 second video and statement in 140-characteristics appealing to this generation of short minded attention spans, right?

The rapidly increasing popularity of Vine could mean we’ll see a shift in the type of branded video content we’re viewing online and see it show up in more social environments where sharing and commenting are available at the users fingertips.

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