Monthly Archives: June 2013

June 25

Would You Make The Video Switch?

By Francesca Prach Pictures, or it didn’t happen. Instagram, the 2012 breakthrough App put out for Smartphone’s and tablets for creating, editing and sharing photo content has created and released on June 20th, 2013 a video option for account users. But is this new App feature too similar to Vine? Tec Crunch released an article […]

June 20

LevelUp, The Electronic Coupon

In today’s culture, paper coupons are something that are becoming increasingly more obsolete. Between emerging technologies and mobile apps pertaining to almost anything you could possibly think of, less people are carrying around coupons like they used to; but what’s taking its place? LevelUp, an app coming from a Boston-based mobile payment startup is one […]

June 17

Visual Marketing:” Seeing is believing…Believing is buying”

As trends within consumers’ lives continue to change at astronomical speeds, capturing your audience through images has become the new “Game Changer” within marketing. Whether it be through the use of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, consumers have shifted from the traditional text posts to using images to “Catch the moment”…As the famous saying goes, “A […]

June 11

How vital are videos for a company and brand image?

By Francesca Prach In today’s ever changing society, from the impact of new and popular emerging social sites to those that have already reached their peak and start to fizzle out of the media marketing industry, companies need to be one of the first to discover, utilize and master the art and skill of all […]