How Google Glass can Help Small Businesses


By Philip Trampe

Singularity. The Matrix. Other scary concepts derived from Sci-fi. The looming future that Pixar’s Wall-E was warning us against seems to be slowly coming to fruition. It has become normal to see a 10 year old practically glued to a smart phone and/or tablet. It seems that Google Glass is the logical step toward the future.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Google Glass, rather than explain it I recommend you watch the Google Glass video before you continue reading.

All caught up? Good. Now what is your reaction? Is Glass a good or bad thing?

Either way you feel, Glass is real and the near future includes it. It is opening the doors for other technologies that will blend humans with technology. I will admit, I am a little nervous about the whole thing, but I can definitely see how Glass will become a useful platform for small businesses.

I understand that marketing constantly occurring in the corner of your eye may seem very invasive, but actually it can be seen as the blending of the digital social experience with the world around you. With Graph Search on Facebook becoming a reality, people are looking to their friends for recommendations for real institutions through their digital interactions.

Now add a device that allows for real time location services. As you walk by a small café, Facebook can have a tiny pop up saying that your best friend tagged the place last week, “liked” it, and wrote a status raving about their muffins. You can present offers for Glass by passers, who may stop by for a coffee with a little initiative. A company’s social media presence will become much more valuable when combining Glass and Graph Search.

Facebook and Google, two major competitors, have unknowingly created a path to become teamed up to boost small businesses. Thanks guys.

Will Glass take off like an Apple product? Or will the world reject the glasses and the constant need to talk to yourself, sticking to the concealable mobile devices?

What do you think?