Monthly Archives: April 2013

April 12

Is the End Near For Retail Stores?

  Computers, phones, the Internet—it feels like everything is mobile now. That includes shopping too. Online retailers are the new big thing. As mobile technology grows in sophistication and usability, consumers spend more and more time with their devices—that is, texting, playing games, and downloading apps. Modern consumers value convenience about all else, so if […]

April 12

How Google Glass can Help Small Businesses

  By Philip Trampe Singularity. The Matrix. Other scary concepts derived from Sci-fi. The looming future that Pixar’s Wall-E was warning us against seems to be slowly coming to fruition. It has become normal to see a 10 year old practically glued to a smart phone and/or tablet. It seems that Google Glass is the […]

April 08

How to “Court” your Clients via an SMS Marketing Campaign

By Philip Trampe “You have to be on mobile!” As a company, you must have heard all the statistics and reasons why it’s almost suicidal for a brand not to market via mobile devices. Sadly, this piece of advice isn’t false. The world is getting busier and on the go, and with statistics claiming that […]

April 01

Corporate Culture: How Employee Happiness Can Boost Your Brand

By Philip Trampe When people think of white-collar jobs, images of cubicles and the color beige spring to mind. Like a scene out of “Office Space,” the concept of even going to work makes employees depressed, hating their jobs. But up until recently, It seemed that the only way to get anything done would be […]