November 26

Creating an Integrated Marketing Program Using PR, Marketing, and Sales

It is commonly known in the business world that Public RelationsMarketing and Sales work closely together and work off each other to succeed, but how? In reality, a business thrives better when all three elements are integrated and work closely together.

Public relations can be described as the activities that build credibility and awareness for your company through third-party influencers, such as the media and bloggers. Marketing, on the other hand, works to communicate the value of your companies’ offerings to your potential clients, customers, employees and investors, through your own advertising, newsletters and website.  Basically it’s you talking about yourself. Sales are essentially the act of closing the leads that’s brought in by your marketing and public relations efforts.  Now that we know what each of these functions are responsible for, lets see how they work and interact with one another to succeed.

As dependable as PR may seem, it cannot always guarantee that your company will get a good review.  Nor does it guarantee that your company will get a good media article within the timeline you need.  With other marketing efforts such as advertising, direct marketing, or digital marketing, you have control over your message and how often it runs in your chosen channels.

Additionally, traditional and online marketing often requires more money than PR.  They also do not have the same power or persuasion as a third-party endorsement (as in PR).  A third-party endorsement could be a positive article or a blog post from a key influencer in your niche.

As for sales, without marketing and PR, sales can pretty much cease to exist as you need these activities to help “pre-sell” your leads and bring them to your business.  Using a military analogy, marketing provides the weapons, and sales fight the war.   The marketing team that builds the best weapons helps their sales force win more revenue.

Making sure that your company’s PR, Marketing, and Sales are integrated and working in harmony together can definitely help in your business development plan.

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