November 08

Using Instagram For Your Brand

By Danielle Gillette

Instagram may be a relative newcomer to the social media scene (it’s less than two years old!), but it’s already exploded in popularity. Facebook acquired it earlier this year for $1 billion, and a recent study from Simply Measured has found that 54% of the world’s top brands are now using the photo-sharing platform.

So if you’re thinking it’s time your brand joined the 100 million+ users on Instagram to connect with your consumers, then you’re reading the right blog post – here are our tips on how to leverage Instagram for your brand.

  • Remember: it’s still content marketing. That means update your Instagram often, and use unique photos when you do. Keep your branding consistent, but don’t treat Instagram like a place to blatantly advertise yourself. Make your pictures interesting to your customers, and that’s what will engage them with your brand.
  • Create a unique hashtag. In order to drive customer engagement with your brand, make sure to create a unique hashtag that your customers can use when they upload pictures of your products to Instagram.
  • Incorporate customer content too. Take a page out of Starbucks’ or Free People’s Instagram book and incorporate photos customers take of your products into your feed. Free People, a clothing company, even runs contests and posts the photos of the winners wearing their clothes onto their website.
  • Link to other social media. Instagram may be a powerful tool, but it’s hard for it to stand on its own in a social media strategy. Instagram is easy to link to your other social media accounts so that your pictures can be shared there at the same time as on Facebook or Twitter, ensuring maximum visibility among your audience.

Do you use Instagram in your marketing strategy? Or are there brands you think use it especially well? Share with us in the comments or on Twitter: @BlueWaveBuzz