October 25

5 Business Blogging Tips

By Danielle Gillette

Last week we talked about the importance of content marketing. One of the most common ways you can start creating valuable content is through blogging. A recent study found that 60% of businesses have a blog, but most haven’t updated in a year or more! So if you’re an inactive blogger looking to get back into it, or you’re just starting to create blog content for your business, here are our top five business blogging tips:

  • Know your audience.

At the heart of it all, you’re blogging for your customers. You should be writing about the topics they want to read about, the topics that you can provide the best knowledge on for them. Your blog shouldn’t be a sales pitch; people will come back because you’re writing about what they’re interested in. And when you write, make sure you use the right voice for your audience and for your brand. Are you casual and sarcastic or a little more straightlaced? What voice is your audience going to respond to?

  • Get connected.

Links are so important when you’re blogging. Link back to your own website, or to your company’s social media accounts in places that make it easy for your customers to find more information on you. But don’t just link to yourself – find other valuable content on the internet that informs your blog post or that you want to draw attention to, and link to that. Soon, other bloggers will be linking back to your posts! And don’t forget the importance of social media; make your blog posts shareable so people will link their friends to your content too.

  • Keep it fresh.

Don’t fall into the abyss of blogs that run out of steam; keep a consistent posting schedule. It can be once a month, it can be twice a day, but make sure to post new (and valuable!) content on a regular basis. This keeps your readers coming back for more, and search engines value new and relevant content.

  • Less is often more.

Repeat after me: my blog is not a novel. Blog posts should on the whole be concise and easy to read. Steer clear of too much industry-specific jargon and write in a clear, simple manner. Just because you could write 5,000 words about your favorite topic doesn’t mean you should. Online readers often scan quickly, and if your blog post is one giant block of text, they’ll click off of it quickly. Break it up with lists or images and keep the text part short.

  • Include a CTA

Don’t forget to include a call to action in your blog posts. What should readers do now that they’ve read your latest blog entry? Let them know exactly what to do- comment, connect with you on social media, or subscribe to your emails – and provide them easy links so they can do it.

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