October 17

Simple Ways to Amplify Content Marketing

By Danielle Gillette

Content marketing is all about creating content and making it available to your audience. This isn’t just any old content, though; it should be something your audience is going to find valuable and relevant to them (aka not constant sales pitches from you).  Examples of this kind of valuable content includes blog posts, downloadable ebooks, webinars, videos, email newsletters, and informational whitepapers.

So, you may be asking yourself, why content marketing? What’s in it for me? Recent studies show that 90% of both B2B and B2C marketers say content marketing will become more important over the next year. As for what’s in it for you, it’s the possibility to convert prospects into customers. Having plenty of fresh, valuable content not only establishes you as a thought leader, but can help you get better Google search rankings.

Here are some simple techniques and things to consider when implementing your content marketing strategy:

  • Focus on your audience, not on yourself. People want to consume content that is useful to them, and that does not include you talking about yourself all the time. Provide information that people can use, and they’ll keep coming back. 
  • Interact with your audience. You aren’t creating content in a vacuum, after all; people are going to be consuming what you’re creating. Ask for feedback and opinions and make sure there’s a space for people to give them. Always remember to respond to those comments to initiate conversation! 
  • Make it shareable. The best way to get your content out there is to have people share it socially. Include social sharing buttons on your content so people can spread your content on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest with one click.  
  • Keep it fresh. The key to content marketing is to keep producing that content. Update your blog frequently, send out regular email newsletters, or make it a goal to have a monthly webinar. Whatever your content is, people (and Google search rankings) will find you more valuable if you produce good content on a regular basis. 

Are you part of the 90% that think content marketing is going to take off over the next year? Let us know why or why not here in the comments or on twitter at @BlueWaveBuzz!