Monthly Archives: October 2012

October 31

Twitter Tips For the Twitter Tycoon

By Gabrielle Bacarella If you’re one of those companies that tweets on a daily basis and relies on those tweets to build brand awareness, then you should definitely get to know the factors that can greatly affect your tweeting success. Twitter is the perfect tool to share information and to engage your audience.  In order to make […]

October 25

One Millennial’s Social Media Retrospective (And What it Means For You)

By Danielle Gillette The release of Myspace’s video showing off its flashy new design last week got me thinking about how much social media has changed since the days of the old Myspace. My friends and I were just old enough to have caught the tail end of Myspace, back when we were 14 and Myspace was […]

October 25

5 Business Blogging Tips

By Danielle Gillette Last week we talked about the importance of content marketing. One of the most common ways you can start creating valuable content is through blogging. A recent study found that 60% of businesses have a blog, but most haven’t updated in a year or more! So if you’re an inactive blogger looking to get back […]

October 17

Simple Ways to Amplify Content Marketing

By Danielle Gillette Content marketing is all about creating content and making it available to your audience. This isn’t just any old content, though; it should be something your audience is going to find valuable and relevant to them (aka not constant sales pitches from you).  Examples of this kind of valuable content includes blog posts, […]

October 10

Mobile Payment Apps and Marketing

By Danielle Gillette Have you ever left your wallet at home but still wanted to pick up your morning coffee? In a not-so-distant future, but that won’t be a problem as long as you have a smartphone. As it is, Pew Internet’s September research shows that 45% of all American adults own a smartphone already, and that […]

October 01

How To Not Become Google’s Enemy

By Gabrielle Bacarella When it comes to SEO, most companies don’t understand that you can become Google’s enemy.  There are correct ways to achieve higher ranking on Google and then there is cheating.  If you use a cheating method to get you top ranking, Google will know and you will be punished for it.  Here […]