September 26

Is “Gangnam Style” Your Company’s Style?

By Danielle Gillette

The latest and greatest Internet fad is Korean rapper Psy’s catchy song “Gangnam Style” and its eccentricmusic video (and of course, the dance that goes along with it). The video has already racked up over 274 million views, the song was number 1 on iTunes, and Psy himself has appeared on everything from VH1 andThe Ellen DeGeneres Show to  a skit on Saturday Night Live in the past couple of months.

Of course, with great Internet popularity comes great (and some not-so-great) parody imitations. While theUniversity of OregonOhio University, and the Miss Korea pageant have enjoyed millions of viewers’ worth of YouTube success with their versions of “Gangnam Style,” you should think twice before using a parody of your own as a marketing technique.

One of the most important things to consider before launching yourself into making a parody video is who your audience is. Is that audience going to appreciate a funny video of you jumping around to “Gangnam Style?” The ideal audience for these videos seems to be roughly college-age, considering the success of university parodies. Is your audience in that demographic? And, more importantly, does the silly pop style of the video stay consistent with your company’s brand?

Even if you think your audience would love your version of “Gangnam Style,” another consideration here is timeliness. All fads die out eventually, but Internet fads pass faster than most (Remember how quickly everyone got over Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video?).  Could we be reaching the point of “Gangnam Style” oversaturation? Would your version really stand out, or would it be a shout into the void of other Psy parodies?

The bottom line when it comes to using parody video as a marketing technique is to figure out if it’s worth it to you. Would taking the time and effort to create your own “Gangnam Style” video really help drive sales for your company?

The answer to that is subjective, so we want to hear your thoughts. Do you think parody videos can be a successful marketing tactic? Would you ever make one for your business? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter @BlueWaveBuzz!