August 28

6 Tips for Creating an Outstanding Corporate Video

By Alex Flores

Producing a corporate video may seem like a daunting task at first but all it takes is a little work, time and creativity. With a corporate video you want to accomplish three main goals 1) Create a positive buzz about your company 2) Engage your audience and 3) Inform your audience. The one thing you must avoid is boredom, plain and simple. Whether your corporate video is being played on your website, shown at a fundraiser or a presentation you must engage your audience. Juggling audience engagement while still trying to inform and create a buzz about your company can be a tricky task, which is why below I’ve listed some tips to create a successful corporate video.

1)    Keep it short- By all means you must keep your video short. I think everyone can agree on the fact that watching long corporate videos is not the most captivating tactic. So keep it short and simple so that the audience isn’t looking at their watch midway through your video.

2)    Tell a story- Keeping your audience entertained is one of the most crucial factors in creating a successful video, so why not take your viewers on a journey. It’s a great way to inform your audience about your trade as well as a way to humanize your company.

3)    Show emotion- The one sure fire way to capture your viewers is through emotions. Video is the best medium to display emotion, so why not take advantage and display some energy and excitement.

4)    High Production Value- Although it may cost more money to create a high production video it is completely worth it. Your audience can tell if your video was just thrown together haphazardly lacking any thought and pre-production plan. This video is going to be the basis in which others create opinions about your company, thus making it imperative to create a high value production video displaying your company in the best possible light.

5)    Don’t lie- People can easily recognize lies. Be authentic in your content, since authenticity and honestly are such admirable qualities in our society.

6)    Optimize your title- Lastly, this tip only applies to companies if you plan on uploading your video to YouTube or any other video sharing websites. Creating a title that contains terms that are easily searchable is key for optimization.

The Dollar Shave Club came out with one of the greatest and most successful corporate videos of all time. It captured their audience with creativity and emotion. They informed, engaged and created a tremendous buzz. Currently on YouTube it has over 6 million views, over 12,000 likes on Facebook, more than 16,000 people have tweeted about it and lastly over 3,000 shares on LinkedIn (Search Engine Watch). Another impressive stat is that it ranks number one on Google for the word “shave”. This one creative video launched a company and captured millions. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out below.