Humanizing Your Business & The Importance of Storytelling in The Financial World

Untitled.png.scaled696By Alex Flores

It’s no surprise that the marketing tactic of “humanizing a brand” has grown in popularity over the years. Businesses are realizing that personal customer interaction, engaging content and the actual creation of a voice and a face to your brand are becoming more valuable to their customers and business partners. The human connection of a company is such a beneficial attribute to a business or a brand. Zappos, Amazon and Apple are three companies that pride themselves on customer interaction and their human touch. Over the years they have become extremely powerful and successful due in part to their humanization marketing tactics. For example, Zappos, a company that is worth more than 1 billion dollars, credits a lot of its sales to its personal touch approach. Their fun and interactive product videos drive in customer engagement, which in turn brings in sales.

Does Humanization have a place in the Financial World?

We can see the success that humanization has brought the above companies, but can other industries such as financial services reap the benefits of this branding? The answer is yes. More than ever financial services are seeking ways in which they can brand themselves in a time where they are not seen in such a positive light. By producing engaging content with a personal feel that ultimately benefits the consumer is a strategy that more financial service companies should include.

According to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth study consumers are using 10.8 sources of information prior to making a banking product purchase while consumers are using 11.7 sources prior to an insurance purchase. These statistics demonstrate the importance of producing positive, engaging and humanized content that consumers can learn about your financial services. These sources that consumers are finding so valuable can be anything from informative videos to CEO blogs. The humanization tactic of producing useful and appealing content is a strategy that will gain more steam in the financial world since customers and business partners alike are seeking that human touch. That human touch and relatedness facet are becoming more and more crucial to the consumer when they are making financial decisions, which is mainly due  to the economic era we currently are in.

A Sure Fire Way to Humanize—Storytelling

            Showing the faces behind the business and giving a voice to your services through the art of storytelling is an outstanding humanization-marketing tactic. Videos are the most effective and engaging medium to display the face and voice of your company. Kimberly Fowler who runs extremely popular Los Angeles Fitness Centers remarks that once she told her story of surviving cancer, media coverage went up 90% as well as revenue increasing 40%. By displaying her story and adding a face to her business she saw greater success and rose in popularity. Yes, her story of survival was inspirational and motivating which ultimately drove in more customers, but every company has employees with unique individual stories that their audience can relate to even if it is not as miraculous as surviving cancer. Storytelling is such a versatile instrument and can be utilized within any type of industry. Here at Blue Wave we understand that the art of storytelling is such a powerful tool and in the videos below we have humanized a financial service company (Monument Wealth Management) by showing the friendly faces behind the business.



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