July 25

Another Dimension to your Marketing Strategy- Interactive Video

By Alex Flores

Interactive Video is the technique that blends human interaction with video. Currently, interactive video is still in the beginning processes of becoming an accepted popular marketing technique amongst businesses, but its potential is through the roof. Businesses and brands alike are constantly trying to come up with new and interactive techniques to promote their product and engage their customers. With interactive video brands can interact and engage their audience in a fun and engaging manner.

Engagement is such a valuable commodity to marketing teams everywhere and any leg up in this field is worth exploring. A video in which a viewer can actually interact with and decide what its content provides or even a commercial in which the viewer plays around with the content and emerges themselves into the products’ capabilities is a great tactic. Different businesses can utilize interactive video in whatever way best suits their product or services, just a little creativity is needed. The upside of interactive video is noteworthy. For example, Skittles launched an interactive video campaign consisting of 5 simple videos that gained 10 million views altogether (Dreamgrow). That’s a good amount of views from a simple video that not only creates an outstanding buzz for your company, but also demonstrates that your business is innovative and keeping up with the latest trends.

Below I have provided 4 examples that show just how creative a business/brand can be when creating an interactive video.

A straightforward and funny video that the Skittles marketing team put out in 2011. Currently has 1.6 million views on YouTube.

This video created by the Drop the Weapons campaign lets the audience decide the outcome of the situation. The engagement of this video is key to its attempt to speak to the youth population about the consequences of making violent decisions.

On a much lighter note, this example from Hot Wheels demonstrates how brands can create a game that immerses the audience into their product. I can see different appliance companies taking this same approach with their marketing strategy and creating a video that enables the viewer to interact with the appliance.

Lastly this video from Rogers Canada (wireless provider) turns what would be another boring wireless provider commercial into an interactive video that the audience is entertained by.

In conclusion, interactive video is most definitely on the rise. Marketing teams all over the world should at least experiment and consider with these videos before they just become ordinary run of the mill tactics. It’s so important to be on the cutting edge in the marketing industry, so why not try interactive video?

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