July 23

Don’t Close The Book on Outbound Marketing Just Yet

By Alex Flores

Inbound Marketing over the years has become increasingly more popular and cost effective than its counterpart strategy, outbound marketing. Outbound which is a much more traditional way of marketing consists of paid TV and radio advertisements, billboards, cold calling, email marketing and the old time favorite direct mail. Quite conversely, inbound marketing uses various types of media on the Internet with the intent to entertain and offer some piece of information that their segmented audiences can learn from. Whether this is through blogs, podcasts, webinars, or even white papers, inbound marketing is built upon an active social media presence that prides itself on converting leads to sales without costing nearly as much as outbound marketing.

What should businesses do?

Should businesses toss aide their old traditional outbound marketing strategies and solely focus on more modern and effective inbound strategies? The answer is no! It seems like most businesses are putting all their efforts into their inbound strategies and forgetting about their traditional marketing strategies. Yes, businesses should put much more emphasis on their inbound strategy, however they should also incorporate some traditional tactics as well.

People tend to assume that outbound marketing just does not work based on the stats that are out there. (44% of direct mail is never opened, 86% of people skip through television commercials) Yes, these stats do tell that outbound marketing is losing steam but anything that is done poorly is going to produce poor results. Mailing haphazardly and creating advertisements with no particular audience is a waste of time and money. You are not going to get results and will be fed up with traditional marketing tactics. What you need to do is combine both inbound and outbound ways of thinking. People have to understand that having a solid outbound marketing campaign as well as an inbound strategy that builds upon the traditional ways of thinking will produce the most qualified leads for your business.

A Perfect Example

Hulu has developed an advertisement strategy that incorporates both pillars of strategy. During commercial breaks viewers have the chance to pick a commercial of their choice. Although, its only limited to three different ads, Hulu is using outbound strategy through the actual commercial but is also incorporating inbound strategy by offering the audience some choice on which content will offer them the most beneficial content. This is quite the innovative campaign by Hulu since its incorporating “old school” tactics as well as “new school” interactive ideas to produce results.


The example of Hulu demonstrates how one company can use both strategies to successfully create a campaign that generates the most leads. Bottom line is that traditional outbound marketing still has some tactics that are useful for businesses. Clever and eye catching billboards as well as interesting and innovative print are still going to create a buzz and possibly lead to a sale for your business. Lastly, don’t close the book on outbound marketing just because you are having difficulty, when just a hint of creativity could spruce things up, just ask Hulu.

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.”

–       Edward de Bono

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