4 Ways to Utilize Video Within Your PR Strategy

By Alex Flores


The maintenance of a favorable public image, whether you are a big name brand or a small company is an aspect of business that holds tremendous weight in your overall success. Relating to the public and displaying your brand in a positive light is such an invaluable asset. If the public views your business as one with poor customer relation and bad press then you won’t drive in much sales. To gain some positive credence with the public, businesses should constantly be researching and experimenting with new tactics to interact with their customers. By keeping up with trends and technologies, it demonstrates that your brand is inventive and home to thought leaders.

Video is one technology that will show that your PR department is innovative. By now we all know and have heard the statistics about the power of video (a site is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results if you have video on your page FR), however incorporating video into a PR strategy is a fairly new tactic. Below, I have put together a list of 4 ways to utilize video within your PR strategy.

  1. Press Releases

Typically written communication, press releases are directed to the media for the purpose of publicly announcing some newsworthy item. As we all know print can get boring and dull, a solution  to this problem would be a video press release, which would feature your announcement or new product. Video engages the audience and expresses the content in a manner that print cannot. Personally, I think video is a much more effective and successful way to communicate with the public. People do not want to read some boring text about the release of a product, rather they want to see a video on how the product works. For example, if a company were to release a new type of technology, they could easily create a set of quick videos that display each feature individually. People would be much more inclined to learn about your product by watching a video rather than reading about it.

  1. Customer Testimonials

There really isn’t a better tactic than customer testimonials to make sure your public relations are up to par. The significance that a customer word’s carries on with other customers is of the most importance. According, to BuisnessWeek 70% of people consult reviews or ratings before purchasing while 92% have more confidence in information they find online rather than anything from a salesclerk (WSJ). Two impressive stats that demonstrate that customer testimonials and consumer reviews are truly how people come up with opinions about your brand or company. So then why not create video testimonials? Videos express emotions that print cant and through this medium the public can truly observe how the consumer feels about the product or service. Hopefully, it is a positive review that features a happy customer, which would undoubtedly enhance your public relation. Video is a powerful weapon in the social media world and to unleash it into the customer testimonial realm would be beneficial to any sort of business.

  1. Creating Conversation

One of the major aspects of PR is maintaining contact with your audience. Offering information and receiving feedback about your products demonstrates that your brand is open to communication and criticism to ultimately produce the best product possible. Creating a positive conversation between the business and the consumer may be difficult to begin, but video definitely can jumpstart this process. Creating videos in which your CEO discusses different services and offers some sort of credible info is a great way to start. Views will rise and responses will come in, thus creating an online and interactive conversation through a simple video.

  1. Crisis Management

Hopefully, your business will never have to deal with any sort of crisis, *fingers crossed* but just in case video is an excellent tool to overcome the damage. BP who was not only to blame for the spill also failed horrendously PR wise during the 2010 spill in the Gulf. BP was slow to acknowledge the fact they were responsible for the problem as well as never offering any sort of compassion to the people of the gulf, this was truly a PR nightmare. Needless to say the PR team took a lot of deserved heat from the public and something had to be done. BP launched a series of Gulf Tourism ads promoting the Gulf Coast as a place to vacation. This was the least BP could have done but still this example shows how the power of video was utilized to take off some of the heat.

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