Monthly Archives: July 2012

Best Practices for Creating and Promoting your Company

By Praveen Ramanathan The corporate blogosphere is still small, but is growing rapidly. According to eMarketer, about 43% of US companies will use blogs for marketing purposes by 2012. There are several reasons that I believe could be attributed towards this growth of corporate blogs: Firms are starting to recognize that connecting knowledge workers with the […]

July 25

Another Dimension to your Marketing Strategy- Interactive Video

By Alex Flores Interactive Video is the technique that blends human interaction with video. Currently, interactive video is still in the beginning processes of becoming an accepted popular marketing technique amongst businesses, but its potential is through the roof. Businesses and brands alike are constantly trying to come up with new and interactive techniques to […]

July 23

Don’t Close The Book on Outbound Marketing Just Yet

By Alex Flores Inbound Marketing over the years has become increasingly more popular and cost effective than its counterpart strategy, outbound marketing. Outbound which is a much more traditional way of marketing consists of paid TV and radio advertisements, billboards, cold calling, email marketing and the old time favorite direct mail. Quite conversely, inbound marketing […]

4 Ways to Utilize Video Within Your PR Strategy

By Alex Flores   The maintenance of a favorable public image, whether you are a big name brand or a small company is an aspect of business that holds tremendous weight in your overall success. Relating to the public and displaying your brand in a positive light is such an invaluable asset. If the public […]

July 09

Location Based Video Marketing: Too Much or Perfect Strategy

By Alex Flores Location based marketing (LBM) is the process in which multi media content is delivered directly to a mobile device based on where an individual is geographically. LBM uses GPS technology to locate exactly where the individual is using their Smartphone. According to The Realtime Report, almost 19% of the world’s mobile users are using […]