June 28

Video Marketing to the Short Attention Span

By Alex Flores

With the continuing rush of technologies that are solely being created to serve the population in a faster, more useful and efficient ways arrives the shortening of our attention span. Through this technology boom, people have in fact been spoiled to receive, view and share information much faster than previous times. People get used to this fast paced technology and their minds mold into this concept of “information on demand”. Gaining someone’s attention has become much more difficult with the advent of this high-speed world, and the only aspect that is more difficult than gaining someone’s attention is maintaining that person’s attention.

Online Video is a feature of the Internet that must understand the ‘shortening of people’ attention spans. According to Visible Measures, 19.4% of people abandon an online video after 10 seconds while 44.1% of people abandon the video after 60 seconds. As we can see, creating a video that gains and maintains an audience’s attention is quite difficult and sadly, there is no set formula that companies or even individuals use to create a captivating and successful video. Luckily, below are some strategic and helpful tips to ensure that your video has the best possible chance to defeat the evil that is viewer abandonment

Tips to Help Overcome Viewer Abandonment

Keep it Short

In the fast paced society we live in today, where people are so pressed for time skimming even an article seems like circumnavigating the world to them, its imperative that you display your message in a timely manner. People are busy and are more concerned with what they need to accomplish in their given day than to be worried about your business video. So simply just keep it short. If you have any hope of gaining the attention of others, display your message in a reasonable time. The last thing a person wants to see in their hectic day is a video that lasts ten minutes. With that being said, people are more prone to watch a video that is listed under a minute for a brief break from their day. The length is such a defining factor for a video on whether it even reaches the audience or not, therefore keep it short!

–   Forget an intro, Dive Right In

The content that is presented in the first 10 seconds may be the most important part of your video. Remembering the stat that 19.4% of people abandon an online video just after a mere 10 seconds, shows just how crucial it is to grab your viewer’s attention right off the bat. One should dive in with interesting and entertaining content that grasps the viewer’s attention. A boring opening, solely talking about your company and products is far from what an individual wants to view. Get into your content right away, since the first 10 seconds are such a crucial part in combating viewer abandonment.

–   Leave out Dead Space, Keep it Entertaining

Lastly, the actual content of a video should never primarily be about the actual selling of your product. Viewers of the video want to be entertained and not sold to. Yes, the video may in fact drive in sales, but the video is the tool that engages the consumer so that he or she is more inclined to go to your website. Leaving out the dead space and keeping it entertaining will lock in engagement and hopefully drive traffic to your site.

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