June 25

4 Online Marketing Tools to Consider for Business

By Alex Flores

To be on the cutting edge in the business world is an invaluable asset, especially for marketers. In the marketing universe, individuals and businesses are constantly trying to come up with creative and innovative ways to try to sell and promote their product or services. With the constant need to be fresh and original, businesses turn to the online world. Below are 4 online marketing tools that could heighten one’s marketing endeavors.

Bump and LinkedIn

Bump an application for smart phones makes it extremely easy for people to exchange information. By physically “bumping” phones one can receive the contact information of the person they have just bumped. Now, Bump allows one to connect and exchange information through LinkedIn. For any professional this in an incredible and easy tool to connect with other professionals, but for marketers its significant since so much of their job revolves around connecting with others and promoting their products. Even though business cards seem to still be prevalent with most professionals, Bump may gain some steam with the endless growing popularity of Smart phones.


Geolocation services such as Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places allow individuals to identify and share where they are geographically through their mobile device or computer. This is so beneficial for marketers especially in small businesses, since it allows one to connect and maintain a relationship with a customer. For a business to claim their “location”, they open up to a world where a customer can “check in” at your location. Checking in, not only creates a buzz about your business on customers’ news feeds, but presents the opportunity for your business to offer different rewards or promotions that can drive in new customers and retain old customers. For instance, you can reward individuals that check into your location with discounted products. Geolocation is more beneficial to the businesses that depend on consumer traffic, however other types of businesses can definitely utilize this free tool and come up with creative ways to encompass it with their scheme of things.

QR Codes

Quick Response Codes are a type of matrix barcode that businesses can actually use to get consumers to their website or any other web material. Originally, developed for the auto industry, QR codes are now being used as a marketing tool for many businesses. The process is done quite easily as consumers simply scan the code with their Smartphone which then directs them to that given website. It’s a useful tool for businesses because it brings a sense of interactivity with consumers in a simple enough way. QR codes are a one step connection, however one drawback is that the actual image of the code is not that aesthetically appealing. This may turn off some businesses since they may not want to display such an unattractive image with their appearance.

Bing’s integration of Qwiki

Most recently Bing announced a partnership with Qwiki that will ultimately bring audio, videos, images, maps and Twitter tweets to a search result. An integration of all these different types of media onto one search result brings endless possibilities to marketers. Most importantly the integration of video to search results stresses the need of having high quality videos for your company, business or brand. For example, a consumer can search your company using Bing and if a creative, well pull together video pops up that engages the consumer, then he or she will be more likely inclined to click on your site. A huge move by Bing and Qwiki to bring together different types of media into a search result that marketers should be aware of.

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