How to Write the Script for your Online Marketing Video


Last week we took a look at the importance of Storytelling and captivating your audience. Storytelling is a crucial component to creating a successful script for your online video. Ultimately a well thought out script leads to a successful Online Video, marketing your specific message.  Taking the time to write out and edit your script will not only result in a higher quality video but it will also save you money by creating a more efficient production.

Here is a barebones overview to drafting your script:


  • Don’t know where to start?  Not knowing what content to record can be one of the biggest roadblocks to getting started.  Think simple.  Start with 5 facts about your company’s niche specialty or an ‘about the company intro video’ for example.
  • The first 5-10 seconds of your video are crucial to captivating the viewer’s attention.  Draw them in with an interesting statistic or teaser of information that will entice them to keep watching
  •    Think about the basics, the beginning should clearly depict the subject or message of the video
  • Draft both the audio elements of the production as well as the visual elements.  Are you going to be on camera during the entire video or are there going to be screencast elements? What B-Roll footage might correspond to your audio to make the video more interesting?
  • There are several programs to help you with the formatting of your script.  Celtx is a great free option.


  • Be sure to ask yourself: How does this video support and promote my existing company? How does it expand my business or create new opportunities?
  • Develop your content and delve into a few specifics.  Be sure to keep the video pace moving though and not get bogged down with facts
  • Make sure to look back at how you started your video and make sure you are still carrying the same themes


  •  Finish with a Call to Action or how the viewer can find out more information
  • Back to the idea of storytelling, at the end there should be an obvious close to the story arc or message.

Don’t forget to rehearse your script!  Practice reading it out loud and be sure to record it a few times to get the best take.

Cue cards or a teleprompter can be a great help if you have trouble memorizing the content and will help to calm nerves.

To learn more about writing a Script or to get started on your own video join us on June 21st for our Creative Video Review and Summer Cocktails event.  Click on the link below to register  @BlueWaveBuzz