June 12

Storytelling: The Secret to Online Video

History of Storytelling

Storytelling is an art form that has been around since the beginning of time. It first started with cavemen drawing on walls and using symbols that looked like writing to communicate with the other members of the tribe.

As man continued to evolve so did their ability to communicate with others. Over time, man invented words that led to the creation of languages, which was also the beginning of oral communication.

Soon language became more sophisticated and man was more capable of telling better and more engaging oral written stories. Many civilizations used this newfound ability to tell the story of their ‘Gods.’ The ancient Greeks were masters at this as the stories about their ‘Gods’ are still being told today.

Technology has also been a driving force in storytelling. From the advent of the printing press, to radio, then television, and now Internet people were given the ability to share their stories with a mass audience.

Why Storytelling is Important To Your Brand

Brands, like people, have unique personalities and characteristics that separate them from everyone else.  The better you are at communicating your brand’s story the more authentic your brand will appear to your customers. The most successful brands understand this and they know how to engage by helping their consumers make a powerful emotional connection with their brand.

How To Use Online Video To Tell Your Brands Story

Video is a powerful medium as it combines both the senses of sight and sound. It is also a great way for tell your brand’s story in an interesting and engaging manner. Some of the ways that you can use online video to tell your brands story are:

Company History-Today’s consumers are savvier than ever and they are looking to find out more information about your company. Consumers want to know your company’s history, why your company was started, and the obstacles and challenges that your company faced along the way. Your home page or about us section is a great place for an online video that discusses your company’s history.

Customer Testimonials-Potential consumers want to know that they are buying from a brand that they can trust. One of the best ways to build trust with your potential consumers is through customer testimonials. Online video is a great to tell your customer stories and their experience with your brand.

Employee Testimonials-Online videos are just for marketing but they also a great way to attract new employees. You can use your employees to talk about your organizational culture. This is also a great way for you to put a face behind the brand.

As consumers are bombarded with more and more information your ability to tell a captivating story through online video is going to be critical to your success.