June 11

How to Improve Your Edge Rank with Videos

By Alex Flores

What is EdgeRank?

EdgeRank is an algorithm that was developed by Facebook to accurately manage what is presented on the News Feed. EdgeRank not only directs what content is on the News Feed but also how high it appears on the News Feed.

EdgeRank breaks up into four main categories:

1)    Edge- The activity that occurs in Facebook, whether these are shares, likes, comments or status updates.

2)    Affinity- The relationship a user has with a friend, brand or company. Affinity can be judged by how often a user interacts with another person or brand. These interactions include sharing, messaging, commenting and tagging.

3)    Weight- Considers each type of edge on Facebook and ranks them according to their importance. In the Facebook world shares and comments seem to hold the most weight rather than likes and clicks. When an individual shares or comments on a specific post it takes more time and adds more credence. With a like for instance, it takes less than a second to click thus adding less weight and significance.

4)    Time decay- Lastly, this factor looks at how long ago the actual edge was created. To be successful a user needs to update their profile and content in a timely manner so that it does not loose value. The fresher the better, since out dated content can get boring.

Why is it important?

EdgeRank is extremely important for companies and brands alike. A high EdgeRank means that more people are talking about your brand. The more people discuss and share your brand or company the more publicity, thus driving in more customers. EdgeRank helps get an understanding of your Facebook marketing efforts. Whether or not your Facebook usage and tactics are succeeding, EdgeRank delivers this knowledge, an incredible tool for any business.

5 Video Examples To Improve Your EdgeRank

The “edge” of videos seems to hold the most weight out of any other type of content. It’s important for a company to present a video on their Facebook page that is engaging, incisive and interactive so that a consumer sees your company in a great light. Following are 5 examples to improve one’s EdgeRank with videos.

1)    Customer Testimonial- Undoubtedly, the most important type and most beneficial video for a company to put forth. Watching a customer of your company speak high praise about your service or product is the most compelling type of video. The more compelling the more prone the audience will be to share, comment or like.

2)    Behind the Scenes- A video of this caliber can be successful if done in the right circumstances. Behind the scenes videos need to be unique, creative and interesting in order to engage the audience. Showing what goes on in your company and even profiling your workforce in an innovative manner can drive in a lot views.

3)    How to Videos- Popularity of “how to” videos has sky rocketed in the last couple of years. Videos that offer substantial content to a person or business are always seen as useful, thus making people more inclined to share.

4)    Interviews with CEOs- Profiling the head of your company in interview form enables the humanization of your brand. In the social media world we live in today, humanizing your brand has become more and more important. Displaying the face of your company in a favorable light, showcasing their personality can be incredibly beneficial for a company.

5)    Product Demonstrations- Lastly, a video that encompasses past work of your company like “how to” videos can be advantageous for the customer. Demonstrating the features of your product and how it functions can separate it from your competitors, hopefully for the best. The usefulness of this video is enough for a viewer to share, comment or like.

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