Monthly Archives: June 2012

June 28

Video Marketing to the Short Attention Span

By Alex Flores With the continuing rush of technologies that are solely being created to serve the population in a faster, more useful and efficient ways arrives the shortening of our attention span. Through this technology boom, people have in fact been spoiled to receive, view and share information much faster than previous times. People […]

June 25

4 Online Marketing Tools to Consider for Business

By Alex Flores To be on the cutting edge in the business world is an invaluable asset, especially for marketers. In the marketing universe, individuals and businesses are constantly trying to come up with creative and innovative ways to try to sell and promote their product or services. With the constant need to be fresh […]

How to Write the Script for your Online Marketing Video

Last week we took a look at the importance of Storytelling and captivating your audience. Storytelling is a crucial component to creating a successful script for your online video. Ultimately a well thought out script leads to a successful Online Video, marketing your specific message.  Taking the time to write out and edit your script will not only result in a […]

June 15

Responsive Design & Why It’s Important For Business

By Alex Flores The days of the Internet solely being viewed on your computer screen are long over. We now live in a world where the Internet is being displayed on all sorts of platforms such as mobile devices, tablets and laptops. In order to display this content in a user-friendly manner, Responsive Design was […]

June 12

Storytelling: The Secret to Online Video

History of Storytelling Storytelling is an art form that has been around since the beginning of time. It first started with cavemen drawing on walls and using symbols that looked like writing to communicate with the other members of the tribe. As man continued to evolve so did their ability to communicate with others. Over […]

June 11

How to Improve Your Edge Rank with Videos

By Alex Flores What is EdgeRank? EdgeRank is an algorithm that was developed by Facebook to accurately manage what is presented on the News Feed. EdgeRank not only directs what content is on the News Feed but also how high it appears on the News Feed. EdgeRank breaks up into four main categories: 1)    Edge- The […]

June 08

How to Close Your Online Video with a Successful ‘Call to Action’

Last week we discussed why online videos are so important.  We looked at some key tips to getting started and now it is time to delve deeper in to what may determine the success of your video: the Call to Action (CTA). What is a Call to Action: A call to action is something that engages the viewer to further […]