Mobile Marketing & the Importance of Your Company’s Online Presence


Why Mobile Marketing is important:

The expansion of smart phone usage is increasing the power and growth of mobile web and applications.  Customers absorb their information in an increasingly portable manner.

It is estimated that by 2015 mobile advertising will be a $5.04 billion industry and will be viewed by nearly 2 billion users.

This industry is not just accessed by younger generations, currently over 50% of users are over 35.


Mobile allows for outside of the box marketing or branding opportunities.  For example a user may take a picture of a product, tweet it to their online community or text it to a family member.  Consumers may interact by scanning a product barcode to compare prices.  They also often research the products features with their mobile device.  The more aware your company is of its online presence the more you can target and customize your consumer’s mobile experience.

Starting Point: Social Media 

At the forefront of mobile marketing stands social media where a majority of your consumer’s time is spent on their mobile devices.  Social Media allows a company to connect with its customers and promote their brand to its online community. Social media connects with the consumer in a whole new way; condense the bigger picture to a 140 character tweet or status update that catches the consumer’s eye.

·      Think about what Social Media platform your content belongs on.  For example LinkedIn for B2B Marketing or Twitter for B2C Marketing

·      Take advantage of cross platform outlets to create Social Media campaigns

·      Social Media allows for increased consumer data such as location or demographic- take advantage of this when creating your mobile marketing

Next Steps:

Mobile capable websites or Apps optimize marketing materials for mobile devices. Focus on simplicity and accessibility when designing and developing your mobile strategy.  Details such as one direction scrolling and simple navigation are key to maintaining a customers engagment and use of the website. Remember that mobile screens are small and consumers do not spend a lot of time waiting for content to load.

·      Mobile-friendly websites should auto-detect users are on a   mobile device

·      Avoid complex layouts, large video or images

·      Remember that there are a variety of mobile screen sizes and revolutions out there so keep design elements simple

·      Keep coding of the site clean and basic to avoid errors

·      Mobile-friendly calls to action should embrace mobile technology such as a MP3 download or signup to email list

Consumer engagement is only as successful as the content provided and the extent to which it provides value to the customer.  Mobile Marketing should reflect the ultimate goal of the company such as generating sales leads or promoting the brand.  Remember to think about why, when, and where your consumer accesses your content on a mobile device.

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